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The Impostures of Scapin

In their fathers' absence, Octave has secretly married Hyacintha and Léandre has secretly fallen in love with Zerbinette. One returning, both fathers announce they have other marriage plans for their sons. Scapin, after hearing many pleas for help, comes to their rescue. Thanks to many tricks and lies, Scapin manages to come up with enough money from the parents to make sure that the young couples get to stay married. But, no one knows who Hyacintha and Zerbinette really are.

written by Molière
translated by Charles Heron Wall

Dramatis Personae:

Argantefather to Octave and Zerbinette.
GÉRONTEfather to Léandre and Hyacintha.
Octaveson to Arganteand lover to Hyacintha.
Léandreson to Géronteand lover to Zerbinette.
Zerbinettedaughter to Argantebelieved to be a gypsy girl.
Hyacinthadaughter to Géronte.
Scapinservant to Léandre.
Silvestreservant to Octave.
Nérinenurse to Hyacintha.
Two Porters.

The scene - Naples.

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