Plays and Scenari

La Commedia has an ever-growing library of royalty-free commedia dell'arte theater scripts and scenario descriptions, meant for use and performance. They feature traditional characters and masks, and presently feature works spanning the 16th through 21st centuries.

Performances of our site's collection of free commedia dell'arte plays and scenari are allowed and encouraged. All the plays posted here are royalty-free and can be played by anyone without charge. If you do plan to perform any of them, let us know and we'll even make an announcement of your event or production on the Commedia Shows and Performances page.

The commedia dell'arte plays and scenari scripts collection spans the super-traditional (such as La Fortunata Isabella) to the new and modern (such as The Combat of the Masks.) Some of the works are available elsewhere or are in the public domain; others are original pieces that -- as far as we know -- are only available on this site. You can find in our free archive plenty of commedia dell'arte plays for study, for acting, or whatever your needs may be.

Available works online are as follow: