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Naeriel Bladesong

CL 7
(25,000xp) Action Dice: 4d6
Origin: Aristocrat   Race: Elf  
Classes: Martial Artist 6 / Gallant 1
Homeland: Andulan
Age: 170yo
Height: 5' 2"  Weight 95lbs
Hair: Raven Black  Eyes: Piercing Amber

Str 14 +2
Dex 14 +2
Con 12 +1
Int 12 +1
Wis 18 +4
Cha 12 +1

Alignment: Keeper of the Balance (Ki)
Studies/Languages: 6 total
Knowledge: +2
Languages: Elvish, Midron
Interests: Songs of Andulan, Dancers Step, Singers Voice, Hand of the Scribe, Teller of Sagas 

Total Lifestyle: +5 Appearance: +1 Panache: +2 Prudence: +o
Coin in Hand: 0s Stake: 0

Reputation and Renown:

Legend: 0 Reputation: 25 Renown: Noble Renown 1 (Lord)
Maximum Prizes: 2

Skill Bonus Ranks Attr. Error Threat
Acrobatics +10 8 Dex 1 20
Athletics +10 8 Str 1 20
Blend +1 U Cha 3 20
Bluff +5 2 Cha 1 20
Crafting +1 U Int 3 20
Disguise +1 U Cha 3 20
Haggle +6 2 Wis 1 20
Impress +8 5 Cha 1 20
Intimidate +10 6 Wis 1 20
Investigate +4 U Wis 3 20
Medicine +1 U Int 3 20
Notice +8 4 Wis 1 20
Prestidigitation +2 U Dex 3 20
Resolve +7 6 Con 1 20
Ride +3 1 Dex 1 20
Search +1 U Int 3 20
Sense Motive +13 9 Wis 1 20
Sneak +2 U Dex 3 20
Survival +4 U Wis 3 20
Tactics +3 2 Int 1 20

Vitality: 88
Wounds: 12

Fortitude: +4
Refelx: +7
Will: +8
Base Attack Bonus: +7

Initiative: +12
Reach: 1 (2 with greatswords and unarmed)
Size: M
Space: 1x1
Defense: 19 (21 with greatsword)
Flat Footed: 17
(19 with greatsword) 
DR: 2, Cold 5
Speed: 40

  • Trained: Hurled
  • Forte: Edged, Unarmed
  • Superior Elvish Greatsword, +10, 1d12+3, L, Threat 19-20, AP 4, cavalry, elf, +2 Impress, +1 saves
  • Throwing Knife (x10), +9, 1d4, L, Threat 19-20, 15ft x 3, Hard 1
  • Unarmed Attack, +12, 1d4+6, L, Threat 19-20
  • Moderate Padded Armor (+2 fittings, Arm + Shoulder) - DR2, Cold 5, Elf, 3 lbs
  • Blade Wall (Greatsword Total Defense Trick): Each opponent who tries to move into a square adjacent to you must make a Will save (DC 10 + your Str modifier + the number of Melee Combat feats you have[2]) or end their movement in the previous square.
  • Damned If You Do: When the character attacks an opponent who has hit him in this combat, he may increase his error range by 1 to gain a +2 morale bonus to damage against that opponent. The character may use this trick a number of times per combat equal to the number of Basic Combat feats he has (2).
  • Damned If You Don't: When the character attacks an opponent who has attacked him and missed in this combat, he may increase his error range by 1 to gain a +2 morale bonus to damage against that opponent. The character may use this trick a number of times per combat equal to the number of Basic Combat feats he has (2).
  • Parry: Once per round when the character’s not flat-footed, after he’s been hit by a melee or unarmed attack but before damage is rolled, he may make a Reflex save (DC equal to the attack check result). With success, the damage drops to 0 (though any special effects from the attack are still felt). The character may take this action a number of times per  combat equal to the number of Melee Combat feats he has (2).
  • Crushing Force:If this attack would normally be Blocked, Parried, or Shield Blocked, it instead inflicts 1/2 damage
    (rounded down).
Combat Feats/Abilities
  • Combat Focus: You may double one of your attribute bonuses for a single attack, damage roll, or save. You may use this ability a number of times per scene equal to the number of Basic Combat feats you have (2)
  • Combat Instincts: Once per round when an adjacent opponent attacks you and misses, you gain a free attack against him. If this attack hits, it inflicts only 1/2 damage (rounded up).
  • Martial Arts: Your unarmed attacks inflict 2 more damage (total 4) and gain an additional +1 threat range (total +2). Also, you may substitute Wisdom in place of Dexterity when calculating Initiative, and in place of Strength when making unarmed damage rolls.
  • Greatsword Basics: When you wield a greatsword it gains guard +2. Also, you gain a stance.
  • Overpowering Force (Stance): When you use a 2-handed melee weapon to hit an opponent who hasn’t moved since your Initiative Count last round, you inflict the weapon’s maximum damage (sneak attack damage and other random bonuses are rolled normally). You may not take move actions (though you may still take 5-ft. Bonus Steps as normal).
  • Greatsword Mastery: You may use a greatsword to perform hammer and sword tricks. Also, you gain a trick (Bladewall).
  • Glint of Madness: You inflict 1d10 stress damage when you Threaten an opponent. Also, once per round when one of your attacks renders an opponent unconscious or dead, you may immediately Threaten another opponent as a free action.
  • Improved Reach:  At Levels 4, 12, and 20, your melee and unarmed Reach increases by 1.
  • Ploy (Strut): After scoring a threat or critical hit with an unarmed or melee attack, you may spend your next half action posturing (e.g. flexing your muscles, performing a kata, shouting a battle cry, etc.), at which point you gain a bonus d4 action die. This action die is lost if not used by the end of the combat.
  • Famed Blade: At Level 1, when you hit a special adversary, you may roll damage twice, keeping the result you prefer. You also gain a bonus to Defense against attacks by special characters equal to your Wisdom modifier.
  • Life of Discipline: Your Dexterity scores increases by 1 (your choice in the case of a tie) and you gain a +1 insight bonus with Reflex saves. Also, once per scene as a free action, you may spend 1 action die to shrug off 1 grade of fatigued.
Class and Origin abilities, Other Feats
  • Bonus Feat: Basic Skill Mastery (Actor): You gain a +2 insight bonus and a threat range of 19–20 with Bluff and Impress.
  • Charming: Once per session, you may improve the Disposition of any 1 non-adversary NPC by 5.
  • Flashy: Your Panache rises by 2.
  • Origin Skill: Choose 1 additional Origin skill.
  • Noble Blood: You may purchase Noble Renown for 20 Reputation per rank (see page 187).
  • Practical Nobility: Your Noble Renown increases by 1. Also, at Level 1 and for each Class Level thereafter, you gain 1 additional skill point that must be spent on Haggle or Sense Motive.
  • Aloof: Your error range increases by 2 when making Impress and Sense Motive checks targeting characters of other species.
  • Burden of Ages: Any effect that cures or restores your vitality has only 1/2 the normal effect (rounded up).
  • Keen Sight: Your visual range increments are equal to your Wisdom score × 50 ft. You also ignore range penalties from the 2nd and 4th range increments while you’re Aiming. 
  • Natural Elegance: Your Appearance bonus increases by +1.
  • Sharp Hearing: Your hearing range increments are equal to your Wisdom score × 10 ft. Further, you may always act during a surprise round unless deafened.

Naeriel was born to noble family of Andulan. Even from a young age she loved to dance - in the dance she felt freedom and a profound connection to the Song of Aea.

One day she crept over the wall that shielded to exercises of the school of the elvish Bladedancers - and spying upon the students performing their ancient and graceful katas she was entranced by their fearful dance, and vowed to learn the deadly arts of their order. Under the watchful eye of Master Eangwine she learned to dance in the steps of these masters of swordplay. 

Now a master herself, Mistress Naeriel seeks the lands for worthy opponents to test and practice her skills; to dance the perfect dance, whatever the cost.
  • Law of the Balance: Naya is tasked to maintain the balance within the realms. Above all else this means protecting the life, lore and culture of the Elves of the Andulwood, who maintain the balance with nature.
  • Law of the Disciple: Naya was trained in the blade dancers arts by Master Eangwine. She is bound by tradition to heed his guidance and wisdom.  
  • Law of the Duel: Naya seeks to test and further her skills through challenging worthy opponents in combat. Whenever the opportunity presents itself she will enter into a one-on-one duel with the strongest opponent available. Against non-hostile characters this might take the form of a (relatively) friendly sparring match. 
  • Law of the Song: Elves are tied to the natural world in mysterious ways, and are often compelled to do actions outside the realm of common reason.