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Throne room of the Mabaen Court, Etain 
Species: Elf (dominant), Goblin, Drake, Rootwalker, Faerie
Era: Feudal 
Paths: Dvalinn (Mountains), Mireywood (Forest), Saka (Great Canyon)
Contacts: Dvalinn (Trade)
Enemies: Mireywood (Rival Monarchy)
Government: Theocratic Monarchy, Queen Ienasiel II
Capital: The Yggdrasil Throne, Etain 
Origin Languages: Vistrian Elvish
Typical Encounters: Elf: Apprentice, Artist, Attendant, Bowman, Craftsman, Devotee, Entertainer, Fortune Teller, Guide, Hunter, Nobleman, Scholar, Drake: Con-Man, Merchant, Scholar, Wizard, Rootwalker: Craftsman, Farmer, Guide, Goon, Laborer, Watchman, Worshipper; Bear, Dire Beast, Eagle/Giant Eagle, Elk, faerie, Golems, Griffon, Kobold, Monstrous plants, Sporling, Unicorn, Will o’ Wisp, Wolves, Wyvern
Keyword Qualities: Elvish masters of the ancient forests and glades, immortal rulers and unending conflicts, songs of the ancients, land of fey and dire beasts
In the telling of the elves of Andulan, their kind were the first awakened by the Song of Ael-Anapsis at the beginning of the Age of Legends. Tasked with preserving the songs that brought beauty and balance to the world, they made their home in the great forests of Vistria and Norngard that grew upon the new lands formed by the fall of the great dragons. 

The deaths of the gods Qinghis and Toluk brought the Age of Legends to a close, and the high-elves migrated to the west, granting the rest of the continent to the small-folk and the half-fey Nemedor. There they settled into the Forest of Light (Andulan), leaving the Mireywood to the south to the fearsome creatures that had called that place home for countless eons. 

At some point in the past a schism formed among the elvish tribes over the succession to the Throne of Yggdrasil: contested by Prince Aenoth, Keeper of the Ways, and Princess Areol, Priestess of Meralith. This conflict ended with Aenoth the victor, and Areol and her followers exiled to the Mireywood. 

The memory of the elves is long like their lives, and the remembrance of this schism and philosophical rift created by it has driven a wedge between the Yggdrasil Throne and the Dusk Elves of the Mireywood that exists to this day.

The current ruler of Andulan is Queen Ienasiel II, who takes her name from the legendary first Queen of Elves. 
The High Elves of Andulan are now among the few elder races still lingering in the world. Though similar to a human, their forms are slim and graceful with fine features and pointed ears. 

Gifted with a tremendous lifespan, these beings make use of their vast time to explore all the world’s wonders; both inner and outer. Elves are seeply attuned to the primal and arcane powers of creation, which is a blessing and a curse as the eras inch forward around them. Since they are tied to the natural world in mysterious ways, they are often compelled to do actions outside the realm of common reason.

Long life has instilled in the elves a strong responsibility to preserve and pass on the old ways, though others sometimes view their wisdom and centuries of experience as haughtiness and condescension.