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The Ivy League Interhash

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life"
-Dean Wormer

"But two outta three ain't bad"
-Type A Hole

When you think of the Ivy League, what do you think of?  Phone booth stuffing, flagpole sitting, or goldfish swallowing, perhaps?  And where but the hash can one find more accomplished stuffers, swallowers and pole-sitters? Yes indeed, the annual clusterfuck that is the IVY LEAGE INTERHASH is your place to get tore up with the very whiffiest of poofs!  Now in it's sixth year!

Hash Details:
The 2016 Ivy League Interhash will be hosted by the Utica Better Than Nothing hash on March 4th-6th, details and rego here

There are a vairety of options from NYC, including trains, planes, chinatown busses (automobiles)

The Interhash got started one drunken Summit apres, when some CUNTHHHers and and some Princeton hashers realized there's a hash in every Ivy League school's hometown (yea, yea, except Dartmouth, but New Hampshire has a gypsy hash, go fuck yourself).  The general idea is to set up a Northeast U.S. interhash and promote traveling between our various kennels.  No need to have attended or be enrolled in an Ivy league school.  Year one was Princeton, with a dynamite shiggy trail in the frozen fireswamps of Jersey, year two was Columbia, with some equally raunchy urban shiggy involving human feces, used syringes and one VERY relaxed crack whore, Trail went back to Jersey for a mother of a trail hared by Summit on Rutgers' campus, the hashers of Lehigh hosted a trail legendary in its abuse of virgins by hashers and vice versa, and Boston most recently dragged a pack up the razor sharp jagged peak of Mt. Cambridge-aro and down the other side to an incredible on in.  This year, the Utica Better than Nothing Hash will be hosting the festivities!

As for year seven, it could be YOU!  If you're from the Philly, New Haven, Boston, Providence, Ithaca, or New Haven hashes (hell even DC or Pittsburgh, you guys have some good schools!) get at our misman and we'll start setting things up!

The schwag (individualized hashtags) from CUH3's turn is available  for perusal here: Hash Tags.