For September I have chosen five poems taken from Sue Moules' collection 'The Earth Singing.'


Fine filigree
a space of blown soap.

It rests on the grass,
rainbow curves
ready to disappear.

Children blow
these dreams
into air.


Light notes of the flute
flutter in white splashes,
fall on the ground, melt.

A silver slurry
holds its notes
in a curtain of air.


In this dark time
earth turns
wind, rain and snow
into renewal.

There are moments
of holy light,
when low sun
skims the land,
dazzles with its aura.


Perfect white buttons
in the grass,
their pink frills hidden
under canopies.

So white,
their flesh pushes
through the earth.
Nothing tastes better.


This room
a rectangle of dappled light,
a surge from the ancient beeches.

Fountains of green reflect,
beyond ghosts caught
in a mist of history.

Copyright © Sue Moules 2010
All rights reserved
The author has asserted her/his right under Section 77
of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988