For April's Poem of the Month, I have chosen the poem 'After Philomena' by
Bob Shakeshaft.


Feet In Chains by George Hodan

Bob Shakeshaft has been writing since 2014.
Bobs poems have appeared in Seven Towers Anthology 2012/2013.
The curlew collection, and Riposte, And Agamemnon Dead, plus New Ulster Anu 40th. Issue.
Bob has also recited his poems on KFM, Liffey Sounds, and Dublin South Radio.
Bob is a regular reader at Dublin open mic Sessions, and recently at Over the Edge.
After Philomena

for fifty long years
my heart was scalded in thinking of you

I carried my sin
with a heavy guilt the sisters of mercy left

a shame of my choice
to fall for a handsome man who made me feel

a love so pure
as the infant boy that spat from my love nest

to the Magdalene laundry
where all the cleansing could not lift my stain

except that hour given
to mothers like a tormented daily reminder

that any day soon
my precious bundle would be sold for a thousand

of their green dollars