Poem is Two Dragons Dancing by J.S.Watts.  It is taken from her début poetry collection: 'Cats and Other Myths.'

Two Dragons Dancing

In a moon-lit field,
On a night of sleepless dreams,
Two dragons are dancing.
In the silence beyond time,
In the blood-red dark,
Two dragons are waiting.
Red and white and white and red.

Born of a myth that will not hold them,
They dance with freedom,
For the joy of each shining moment:
Tumbling like leaves in an autumn gale,
Drifting like snow petals on cold-heavy air,
Rising with the perseverance of corn
To sail the sky's soft blue.

White and red and red and white.
They leap prophecies like salmon.
Flirting and darting and slipping between
The golden laughter of the morning,
The silent silver of the night,
They dance to the eternal rhythm
That drums within.

Two take their rest in the crystal roaring
That gushes down the mountainside,
Then play in the tranquil mirrored water,
Reflecting one another into time
To become many. Their children,
Riding the fierce rivers of chronology,
Are scattered like dandelion clocks.

Copyright ©
J.S.Watts 2011
All rights reserved
The author has asserted her/his right under Section 77
of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988
to be identified as the author of this work.

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J.S.Watts' debut poetry collection, 'Cats and Other Myths', has received very positive reviews via Amazon:

"JS Watts writes beautifully. This is a special book"

"A wonderful collection, with poems of great beauty and power"

It has also been nominated as May’s Book of the Month on The Poetry Kit’s website.