For April's Poem of the Month, I have chosen the poem 'The Black Hole Poem' by Adrian Fox. 
 It is taken from his collection A Kill House.

Black Hole by Petr Kratochvil

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A Kill House?

For Stephen Hawkins


This is the theory of everything.
Life begins like a poem.

‘The source, eternity is darkness within darkness,’
The Tao Te Ching

A letter of light comes from negativity
And the universal poem is formed
Radiating light from dark
And love from hate.


I woke from the darkness of a bad dream.
Why was I witnessing such darkness?
It was like a cancer or a plague.
I was afraid to go back to sleep
I lay there listening to the rain thinking
Maybe this went further back?
To Dostoyevsky or Van Gogh’s time
Maybe time is timeless?
Its as if it was present at the grapes of wrath
Or in a Francis Bacon look
It feels as if I’m in the short story called ‘Grief’
By Anton Chekov or on the island
Of Liam O’Flaherty’s black soul.

I’m listening to the crash of thunder
like world war one or Adolf Hitler’s name.
Maybe this is as Nietzche said
‘I’ll turn this muck to gold.’
This is the shadow of my event horizon.