For March's Poem of the Month I have chosen Eddie Wainwright's poem Lying in WaitIt is taken from his collection: "Love and Death."

I am very sad to report that Eddie Wainwright died on Monday 21st February 2011. Click Here.


Your eyes are dimmed, their pretty blue’s
clouded, pleading not to be hurt again.
I’m desperate to help, don’t know how, can’t find
the words, can’t hug you better, stroke you

as I could a cat. Not easy for me either, then.
Out there, the birds’ happy commotion
suggest spring’s stirring; too early yet, I tell them,
it’s only the false dawn of Valentine’s,

the one day when I may write sweet nothings
under the cloak of anonymity. Let this then be
my pretext, and I’ll pretend I never wrote them.
But as you read, please let your eyes smile just a little


Your sights are set elsewhere.

You smile on cue, assent,
as though you understood;
a sleepwalker on pilot.

You’re pretty good at this.

Can’t fool me, though,
with your glazed eyes and your fixed smile,
gazing elsewhere.

But if I gently stirred and whispered,
We ‘re here and now, not there
where you are,
would you wake?

Tell you what: meet me
when the stars brim and the moon’s
a golden crescent on the hill’s
dusky shoulder. Tell you what: I’ll lie
in wait for you, dear distant dreamer;
and I’ll wait for you.

Copyright © Eddie Wainwright 2005
All rights reserved
The author has asserted her/his right under Section 77
of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988
to be identified as the author of this work.

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