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For August's Poem of the Month, I have chosen the poem 'From the Coast' by Richard W. Halperin
 It is taken from his collection Pink, Ochre, Yellow.


In the Mill Cove Gallery, Beara Peninsula

All poems end in the sea
No matter what the lines say.
This is stated, this is implied, or neither.

Something of blue, something of green.
Something of light, something of pain.
Something sinister and unpunished, like sleep.

A mother who devours her young, or loves them, or both.
Who sometimes forgives them.
Who sometimes is forgiven by them, but that is rarer.
Who washes without purpose as she breathes.

Nothing ends – this the Greeks knew is tragedy.

Threads cut wander.

The train went on without me.

Hey, mister, there’s no train in that picture.

There is a train
in every picture.

Copyright © Richard W. Halperin 2014
All rights reserved
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