For March's Poem of the Month I have chosen the poem 'Mappa Mundi' by Judy Russell. It is taken from her new collection Wind Horses.


bogey men, ogres, goblins, bad witches,
poltergeists, zombies, demons and ghouls, 
all out to get you at night in the forest
on the edge of awareness
                                            here be dragons 

arsonists, muggers, perverts, pimps,
slave traders, lechers, assassins and goons
watching for prey at the edge of the city 
on dimly lit streets 
                                            here be dragons

terrorist bombers, insurgents, militias,
saboteurs, anarchists, pirates, al-Qa’ida, 
plotting our downfall in cities and skyways
in faraway caves
                                        here be dragons 

sabre-toothed tigers, coyotes and spiders,
vampires and scorpions, caymans and snakes
haunting our dreams with a riot of meaning
DNA sequences
                                            here be dragons

foreigners, strangers, the homeless, the crazies,
beggars, the screamers and little green men
lurk in dark doorways in treacherous shadows 
inside our heads 
                                            here be dragons