For June's Poem of the Month, I have chosen the poem 'Escape' by Nina Sokol
It is taken from her collection Escape & Other Poems.


On this soil, imagine
dying. The shimmer
an amphibious
intrigues – an indeterminate
descend blurries
life on land, unsettled
as seen from beneath
the surface, an in-betweeness
insufferable and flickering:
Escapist, escape
this. Return, face down into
the land, taste the soil, it
is not
as bad asthat
is, it is akin to,
it is tolerable, indistinguishable, as is
all. Imagine lying upon it, dying, for the
last time. Dismissed images come
to mind, your iridescent eyes
and the millions before them,
irises of insignificance. Wanting to die
beside a specific building in America
is ridiculous next to this. Next is the belief
in the difference between spaces when we are all
seen in the eyes of another
lover, the eternal one unsuspecting. So stay.
                                                    Do not imagine
dying upon this soil for the last time
beneath water and suddenly seeing.
Imagine that every day the
world escapes, vanishes in imagination, and
That some sort of sun