For November's Poem of the Month, I have chosen the poem 'In an arid landscape slender figures' by Michael Bartholomew-Biggs
 It is taken from his collection Pictures from a Postponed Exhibition.


In an arid landscape, slender figures
curved as question marks
enact bewilderment at being
found beneath acrylic sky.

Space is what the sun can burn
and time’s the tallying of drawn-out days
on brittle limbs of stunted trees.

Painted figures cannot speak
but they can mime and want
stiff gestures recognized.

So extract a narrative
from each now in front of you
and a dozen thens remembered

or imagined down the gallery.
Ignore the hundred nevers
missing from the catalogue.

From the blind side of survival
sudden gusts come perfumed with suspicions
groves of foliage were left behind
before there was a word for garden.

Copyright Artwork © David Walsh 2014

Copyright Text © Michael Bartholomew Biggs 2014
All rights reserved
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of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988
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