For May's Poem of the Month, I have chosen the poem 'This is Not a Poem' by Peter Pegnall.
It is taken from his collection 'Bright Scarf: Love and Fear'.

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for Magritte and you

insofar as when it leaves my pen 
it’s a fretwork of straight lines and circles, 
a keep fit class in black ink. Insofar 
as how I long to shock and delight 
a grateful world with deep, palpable 
rhythmic insights. To stand strong against the sky, 
unbowed and beautiful. Leastways 
I’d settle for a slant of light 
in a darkened room, a story in stained glass.

Failing that, perhaps you’ll meet me 
in approximation? Croon Cole Porter 
out of key. No shame in missing 
the mark millions miss between 
daybreak and the silent night