Excess Treatment Costs & SoECATS

This page provides information about Excess Treatment Costs and the Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Tool (SoECAT), including UK Government, NIHR and AcoRD guidance.

Excess Treatment Costs 

Excess treatment costs (ETCs) are the additional costs that will be incurred if the treatment undertaken in a research study becomes the new standard treatment after the research study is completed. This equates to the difference between the costs of the existing standard treatment and the treatment outlined in the research study. 

Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Tool

The Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Tool (SoECAT) is a template designed to attribute the correct costs for all activities within a research study. This ensures that all site level costs are covered and all are identified. The completion of a SoECAT can help with research costs in a funding application.  

It is the researcher’s responsibility to complete the SoECAT but we will review and validate the attribution in conjunction with the researcher and partner organisation. We ask that you ideally come to us at least 20 working days before your submission deadline

Once we have received a completed SoECAT, we require a minimum of 10 working days to complete validation.

SoECAT Infographic - Key links and guidance for your SoECAT submission

We have developed this SoECAT infographic (on the right) which you can download and share with your networks. Please refer to the handy links and guidance within this infographic. 

For help and advice on ETCs and SoECATS contact our team at crneoe.studysupport@nihr.ac.uk.