GHS 2021 SeniorSOAR

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Welcome to the inaugural Giles High School 2021 SeniorSOAR website!

GHS seniors created this site as an English 12 final project to share their perspectives as GHS 2021 graduates. Although uniquely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, these seniors have risen to the occasion.

To navigate the site, use the pulldown menu labeled "Home" in the upper right-hand corner of the pages.


Seniors learned how to plan, interview, write, revise, shoot and edit digital images, design and take surveys, and use these elements to build a website. The SeniorSOAR website project meets Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) to develop communication skills and multimodal literacies while harnessing the unique perspective of the class of 2020/21.

The students are proud to present 2021 SeniorSOAR. Thank you for exploring it and celebrating our resourceful GHS seniors!

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Juliet Rice, MEd., English 12/12CP Teacher & SeniorSOAR Advisor