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Welcome to the new CCPS Instructional Technology Resource Site! Carroll County is excited to be moving forward with multiple instructional technology opportunities as a result of our CCPS Instructional Technology Plan! This site will help keep you up to date with professional development opportunities, resources, tutorials, and more!

"Closing Down" Your Google Classrooms

"Closing Down" Your Google Classrooms

At the end of the school year, you must follow a series of steps to "close down" your Google Classroom, so students do not have a space that is unmonitored. The SlideDeck below has 4 steps everyone must do, and then some other tips or considerations.

End of the Year: Google Classroom - Steps and Considerations

Where's "Waldo"?

Can You Find Your Colleagues?

  • Join us in creating a collaborative "Where's Waldo" activity for CCPS!
  • Simply click on the button below the Waldo GIF to access the file and drop your Bitmoji anywhere on the page!
  • Then, add your name in the numbered list in the speaker notes! Remember, everyone has edit rights to this file, so do not delete or move things that are already in place!
  • The slide is embedded below - see if you can find your friends!

Can You Find Your Colleagues?


ITT and Staff Development are offering Webinars for all CCPS staff to attend during distance learning to meet professional learning needs. More information about the sessions being offered is below. Just click on the buttons to join the session during the scheduled time!

All sessions will be recorded! Click here to access our past recordings!


Lunch and Learn Series 4 is ready to go! Join us on Tuesday, May 27 as Pam Mesta, Supervisor of ESOL, facilitates a discussion on Differentiating Online Instruction for English Language Learners. On Friday, May 29, Danielle Midkiff, PRIDE Teacher, and Miranda Juralee, School Psychologist, will lead a chat on Social Emotional Learning in a Google Classroom. You won’t want to miss either one of these discussions. Two tremendously important topics that will generate lots of great ideas and conversation. Click on the attached document for more information.

Lunch and Learn Series 4.pdf

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Self-Paced Learning Opportunities!

Earn CPD Credits on Your Own Time!

Consider earning CPD credits by taking these self-paced courses on Google, Microsoft, and/or Clever! All certifications need to be uploaded to the Google form by June 30! Click the image to the right to learn more!

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Health and Safety Best Practices

Click to watch the video on Health and Safety Best Practices for Digital Devices in the Classroom. Always be mindful when using digital resources of screen time, posture, and to incorporate movement and social activity breaks.

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