Truancy according to our BOE Policy 5113(c): Any unauthorized absence from a school shall be considered truancy. Although this is commonly thought of as an absence of which the parent is unaware, certain absences of which the parent is aware will be treated in the manner of truancies. (Those include unauthorized activities such as cut days)

According to NJSA 18A: 37-38, the definition of truancy and juvenile delinquency “any child between the ages of 6 and 16 years who shall repeatedly be absent from school, and any child of such age found away from school during school hours whose parent, guardian or other person having charge and control of the child is unable to cause him to attend school and any pupil who is incorrigible, actually vacant, vicious or

immoral in conduct.

If a parent is having difficulty getting their child to school, please contact the appropriate assistant principal.