Home Instruction

Home instruction may be provided for a student who is in need for an alternative school setting for a period of 10 consecutive school days or 15 cumulative school days or more during the school year. The parent must have a form (available in the Guidance Office) completed by the student’s physician indicating:

    • diagnosis
    • anticipated length of absence
    • that the student requires home instruction
    • that the student is able to undertake home instruction.

In the event that the length of absence needs to be extended, a new request must be made in writing from the doctor. The initial home instruction request provides instruction for a maximum of 30 days. In the event that the length of absences needs to be extended, a new request must be made in writing from the doctor. Eligibility for home instruction is reviewed by the school physician. The documentation must be submitted to the school nurse for review by the school physician and approval by the Superintendent. The home instruction contract must be reviewed, signed and returned to the guidance office.

The counselor assists in arranging subject area tutors through Educere, a virtual provider or by the student’s teachers, other staff members, or certified personnel from the surrounding communities. A student is entitled ten hours of instruction per week, or more if deemed appropriate by the Superintendent. Priority for home instruction is given to courses which fulfill graduation requirements. AP and Honors Courses cannot be maintained through extensive home instruction. The student must secure written acknowledgement from his/her doctor authorizing return to school. In-person home instruction cannot take place unless an adult family member or neighbor is on the premises during the time of instruction. Cancellation of in-person home instruction sessions must be made 24 hours in advance by the parent/guardian. Failure to do so results in forfeiture of that home instruction session. Home instruction is designed to assist students in catching up and not in lieu of attending school.