Community Resources

A list of community resources including health care providers and

social services providers is available from our guidance counselors and Student Assistant Coordinator. This list will provide support for a student and his/her family and legal resources to serve the community. In most cases these services are not paid for by the district.

Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC)

The Student Assistance Coordinator is a licensed certified individual who works with students in crisis, addresses issues related to substance abuse, peer pressure, eating disorders and refusal skills. The SAC works closely with students, parents, counselors and administration to provide counseling services as well as appropriate referrals as needed.

In NVOT, Ms. Lydia Greco can be reached at 201-784-1600 (Ext. 24430)

In NVD, Mrs. Deborah Bajakian can be reached at 201-768-3200 (Ext. 13206)

Intervention and Referral Services Team (IRST)

This is a committee comprised of teachers, counselors, child study team members and assistant principal who meet on a regular basis to address academic, social, or behavioral issues that students may be demonstrating. Referrals to the IRST are generally made by classroom teachers seeking assistance in working effectively with their students. The committee meets with parents and students to develop a plan of action to help the student improve and modify the presenting problems. Progress is monitored by members of the Intervention and Referral Services Team. For further information please contact your child’s guidance counselor or Mr. Michael Peri, IRST Chairperson,

Child Study Team

A student experiencing difficulties may be referred to the Child Study Team after appropriate interventions are attempted and documented through IRST. Parents may contact the Guidance Counselor to inquire about referrals to the Child Study Team. The CST consists of the School Psychologist, School Social Worker and Learning Disability Teacher/Consultant.

With parental consent, the CST will conduct an evaluation plan meeting with the parents. The CST monitors the IEP for students who are classified according to NJAC 6A:14. For further information please contact Ms. Barbara Battaglia, Director of HS Special Education at ext. 12230.

Section 504 Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Northern Valley Regional High School District Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of disability in its education programs, activities or employment policies. The board recognizes its responsibility to arrange for the provision of services and activities that are equally effective as those provided to nondisabled students. If a parent would like to initiate and have their child considered for a 504 Plan, they should consult with their school counselor. They must provide the 504 Committee with the following: a current medical report (performed within the last 3 years) that identifies the medical diagnosis and recommendations for accommodations and completed 504 paperwork received from the school.

For further information on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, please contact the Office of the Assistant Principals. Dr. Mezzina is the 504 Committee Chairperson for 9th & 11th grade students, Dr. Hyman is the 504 Committee Chairperson for 10th & 12th grade students.