PowerSchool (Web Access-Portal to Grades)

PowerSchool (Web Access-Portal to Grades)

The PowerSchool web access system is provided as a service to parents and students. It is the primary source for grades and progress reports. Depending on the date that the system is accessed, grades and other information viewed through this system may not be finalized and, therefore, cannot be considered as official. Neither this institution nor Pearson School Systems accepts any responsibility for information provided by this system and/or for any damages resulting from information provided by this system. For questions about official grades and student records, contact your school counselor. If you do not have access to PowerSchool, please contact your guidance counselor in order to obtain your ID and access code.

Reports to Parents

Because PowerSchool is the primary source for student grades and teacher comments, parents are encouraged to monitor PowerSchool regularly to view student progress. Parents are also encouraged to contact teachers through email and by phone.

A ‘Teacher Comments’ box is available for viewing on PowerSchool and is updated by the teacher at the midpoint and the end of each quarter. INTERIM COMMENTS (progress reports) are available shortly following the midpoint of each quarter. END OF QUARTER COMMENTS are available along with QUARTER GRADES shortly after the end of each quarter. Dates for both are posted on the school calendar. Teachers’ interim comments on student progress may include three primary terms: ‘commendable’, ‘unsatisfactory’, or ‘failing’. More detailed comments may also be included. In the case where student progress declines after the time of INTERIM COMMENTS, an INTERIM REPORT may be mailed home.

Parents are encouraged to follow up with teachers and counselors if they read a comment or report indicating an academic struggle.