Arrival/Departure Procedures

At certain times during the school year our driveways are bumper to bumper.

To insure student safety and that students and staff arrive to school at a designated time, please consider the following:

1. Bus routes have been planned to arrive at school not less then ten minutes before the first bell. If your child is eligible for busing, use that method of transportation first.

2. Leave your home early. Plan for a delay by allowing additional time so not to pressure your child as you wait in front of the school on a long line.

3. Remember that we have two canopy drop-off points in front of the school. The first lane in the front parking lot is also a drop off point. When driving in the front lane, drive down as far as possible so other cars can enter. Avoid stopping at the first canopy and only drop off at the curb. A second lane is also available in the front of the building. When entering our lot, make the first immediate left onto the teacher parking lot. Students may disembark and use one of two designated crossing lanes manned by crossing guards.

4. We also have a gate to the school on Russell Avenue at the back of our building that students may use to enter the campus on foot.

5. ONLY seniors with a valid permit may park on school grounds in a student parking space throughout the school year until late May. When Senior Options begins, Juniors in good standing will be permitted to qualify for a parking spot.

6. Visitor Parking is located at your second left after you enter. The first five (5) spaces are designated for visitors. All other spaces are staff parking.