Pomptonian Food Services will be providing food for students and staff in 2017-2018. A multiple serving station system will feature hot and cold items, including grilled selections, pasta, salad bar, sandwiches, pizza, and complete hot meals. It is the responsibility of the student to see that his or her area is clean. Papers and trash must be placed in the receptacles. Students should discard recyclables in designated bins. Rowdy or noisy behavior or throwing of food are not acceptable and will be reported for disciplinary action. A student is to eat lunch during the period assigned for lunch. Eating lunch is limited to the cafeterias, north gymnasium, and outdoor commons (weather permitting). Students are not permitted in the second floor during lunch unless they are meeting a teacher for extra help. Outside vendors are not permitted to deliver lunches to the high school in the interest of maximizing safety. Parents are encouraged to pack a lunch for their children or purchase lunch from the food service in the cafeteria.

Pomptonian Food Services has provided a means of pre-ordering lunch. Students can go to and select Food Services from the menu.