Cell Phones

The administration recognizes the importance of cellular phones from an emergency and safety standpoint. The use of cellular phones will be permitted before school (7:40 AM), during unit lunch (10:45-11:30 AM) and after school (2:36 PM). Cell phones must be turned off and put away during the school day, including examination sessions. If a student is in possession or is using a cell phone during an assessment, the phone will be confiscated and a zero entered for a grade regardless of the reason the cell phone was being used.

Use of a cell phone will be defined but not limited to:

• Possession

• Talking

• Reading or sending text messages

• Checking voice mail, time, etc.

• Playing games

• Talking, sending or looking at pictures

• Internet browsing

• Taking photos and videos

If a student needs to contact a parent or make an emergency call, they may seek out their guidance counselor or assistant principal. **Please note- Students should not contact parents/guardians from cell phones when they are not feeling well. Initial parent contact should be made by the school nurse or the administration.

Students may not take photos, videos or audio recordings without the permission of the staff and/or the administration regardless of the device.

When a phone is confiscated and a student removes the battery, a parent will have to come to pick up the phone. Students who do not follow the above rules are subject to administrative discipline that may include confiscation of the cell phone, a parent conference, and appropriate points for noncompliance. On occasions staff members may allow the use of electronic hand-held devices for educational purposes only. Please refer to "Disciplinary Information" for an explanation of disciplinary consequences for violating cell phone policy and non-compliance.