Grading System and Class Rank

Teachers grade students on a numerical range from 1-100. Marking period averages are calculated numerically, then converted to a letter grade according to the following conversion scale:

Grade Numeric Equivalency

A+ 100 - 98

A 97 - 92

A- 91 - 90

B+ 89 - 88

B 87 - 82

B- 81 - 80

C+ 79 - 78

C 77 - 72

C- 71 - 70

D 69 - 60

F below 60

SI 0

Additional Grade Report Symbols

T - Withdrawn for Excessive Absences

I - Work Not Completed

X - Medically Excused

AU - Audit

P - Pass

U - Withdrawal Failing

W - Withdrawal Passing

E - Exam Excused

SI - Student Infraction

Student infractions (i.e., plagiarism, cheating) will receive a “0” for that assignment.

Failure to complete major assignments or failure to make up major assessments will result in a “0” for that assignment.

Grades for full year courses are the average of all 4 quarterly marks plus the mid-term (if applicable) and final exam (if applicable).

Grades for semester courses are the average of two quarterly marks (plus the final exam if applicable).

1. To pass a full-year course and to get credit for that course a student must:

(a) Fulfill all course requirements.

(b) Have a passing average.

(c) Pass the last marking period of the course with a “D” or better.

2. To pass a semester course and to get credit for that course, a student must:

(a) Fulfill all course requirements.

(b) Have a passing average.

(c) Pass the last marking period of the course with a “D” or better.

Failure in the final marking period of any course will result in failure for the course.

Grade Scale, Weighting, GPA and Class Rank

The cumulative grade point average (GPA) is calculated using the final grades in all courses completed. While grades for remedial courses are included in the GPA calculation, grades for new credit courses taken during summer school, through virtual schools or through a third party provider are not.

Transfer grades from other schools are converted into the Northern Valley grading scale and included where possible, provided they can be converted equitably into the Northern Valley grading system; otherwise, they are awarded P or F based on passing or failing status of each course. These do not calculate into the GPA.

Official GPA is calculated at the conclusion of the 4th, 6th and 7th semesters. 7th semester GPA is considered the final, official GPA. Final letter grades for each course are converted to the 4.0 scale (see table, below). A weighted value of 1 is added for grades earned in Honors and Advanced Placement courses. For example, the value of a grade “B” (3.0) earned in English 2 Honors or AP US History is calculated as a 4.0 for GPA purposes.

To calculate GPA, each eligible course’s GPA value is multiplied by the credits earned to determine quality points. The total quality points earned is divided by the total number of credits attempted. In the 7th semester, GPA values for courses in progress are multiplied by half of the potential credit of those courses. For example, a course bearing 1.0 potential credit will have a credit value of .5 for GPA purposes.

Class Rank

The academic environment at Northern Valley is very challenging, and the majority of our students earn exemplary grades. Comparisons among students inherent in class rank unnecessarily increase competition among students. Further, we believe that our students’ levels of achievement are not equitably or fully communicated by this single statistic.

Therefore, as of 2017 Northern Valley no longer publishes class rank.