Advanced Placement Program

Advanced Placement Program

Advanced Placement courses are considered the most rigorous high school courses and are offered in a number of subject areas. Northern Valley Regional High School offers the following AP courses:

Art History

Biology *

Calculus AB *

Calculus BC *

Chemistry *

Chinese Language & Culture *

Computer Science A (starting 2016-17)

Computer Science Principles (starting 2016-17)

English Language & Composition

English Literature & Composition 1*

Environmental Science

European History

French Language & Culture *

Italian Language & Culture *

Japanese Language & Culture *

Macroeconomics (starting 2016-17) 2

Microeconomics (starting 2016-17) 2

Music Theory (starting 2016-17)

Physics 1 (starting 2016-17) 1*

Physics 2 (starting 2016-17) *

Physics C *

Psychology (starting 2017-18)

Spanish Language & Culture *


Studio Art: 2-D Design

Studio Art: 3-D Design

Studio Art: Drawing

U.S. Government & Politics

United States History 1*

World History

* Teacher recommendation/earn in/qualified waiver and AP examination are required for this course.

1 Course fulfills graduation requirement.

2 Macroeconomics and Microeconomics must be taken together

Note: students enrolled in at least one AP course must take the exam for that course (even if it is an ‘open-enrollment’ course).

A student who does not take a required AP examination will receive a grade of “F” for the course, and the GPA will be re-calculated. A senior’s transcript will be amended, and the attending college will be notified.

To honor workload balance, students are limited to four AP courses in 11th grade and five AP courses in 12th grade (AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics taken together are considered the equivalent of one course).

AP courses not offered at Northern Valley may be taken through a College Board-approved provider under Option 2. With administrative pre-approval, the course, credit and grade may be included on the high school transcript (without GPA impact) upon completion of the course. Students have the option to take the AP examination. The family is responsible for all tuition and textbook costs and must order the AP examination by February.

Comparative Government & Politics

German Language and Culture

Human Geography


Spanish Literature and Culture

A student who does not take a required AP exam will receive a grade of “F’ for the course. If a transcript has been sent to colleges, the transcript will be amended and the colleges will be notified of the change.

All AP students in all AP courses will be held to a required summative assessment of AP aligned knowledge and skills that will be included as part of the final course grade.

Students taking at least one AP course must sit for a minimum of one exam (even if this is an open enrollment course).

Students are advised to consult with their current teachers, parents and counselors prior to selecting an AP course to determine if the selection is appropriate. Students wishing to sit for an AP exam who have not been enrolled in the AP course are to consult with the Subject Supervisor and Director of Guidance for approval.