If a student is absent, a parent/guardian must call the attendance secretary line at (201) 784-1600 extension 24020 between 7:40-9:00 A.M. with the reason for the absence. All students who are absent must present an acceptable written excuse for absence signed by a parent, on the first session following the absence. The written note should be given to the attendance secretary. Students returning from extended illness or surgery must present a doctor’s note permitting them to return to school. Any student requiring crutches must provide a doctor’s note prior to coming back to school. If a student fails to report or leaves school without authorization, he/she will be considered truant (see section on Disciplinary Information). If a student is leaving school early, they must sign out via the nurse’s office or via the attendance secretary in the main office.

Absences and tardies are part of the permanent record and the totals will appear on the transcript for all four years. Since we have

a rotating schedule, students may be absent more from some classes than others. There are two types of absences; daily and period by period. If a student is absent all day he/she will receive an absence for all classes that day. If a student misses more than 15 minutes from a class, they will receive an absence. If they miss a class that meets twice in one day, it will count as 2 absences from that class.

Students receive a documented absence when they are absent from school for the following reasons only:

1. Extended illness of three or more days with a medical verification presented within one week after the student’s return

2. Death in the immediate family (length of time to be determined in each individual case by the principal)

3. Religious holidays as provided by law, parent note required

4. Court appearances

5. Driver’s license examination - road test

6. School sponsored county and state athletic events requiring early dismissal

7. Actions initiated by the authorities of the school

According to the New Jersey State School Register Attendance Rules and Requirements, religious observance, college visits (limited to a maximum of three days per year for 11th and 12th graders), and “Take Our Children to Work Day” are the only recognized excused absences. Therefore, any absence, other than those mentioned above will be recorded on permanent attendance records and reflected on a student’s report card and transcripts. Students will either be present, absent or excused for the above‐mentioned purposes as per NJAC 6A:32‐8. Northern Valley will consider documented absences when considering loss of credit and privileges.