The Board of Education has purchased an interscholastic sports policy. The policy provides medical expense benefits for accidental injury occurring during the play or practice of interscholastic sports and for injury sustained while traveling to and from such activity. This coverage is a secondary policy. The insured must first claim benefits under any other medical insurance he/she has. Other coverage would include Blue Cross-Blue Shield, any private policies or group policies through the employer, etc. If there is any balance due after payment has been made by the other carrier, one would then submit all receipts of payment made by the other carrier and all the medical bills incurred on the claims for consideration of payment of the balance due under this athletic policy. All charges must be submitted to one’s basic and major medical carriers first. If one’s medical coverage is under an HMO or similar plan, rules for obtaining benefits must be followed, or we will be unable to consider balances under our excess plan.

Insurance forms are obtained from the school nurse. Insurance forms must be filed within 90 days of the injury. Before insurance forms will be issued, there must be an accident report on file with the school nurse. This accident report is completed by the coach and/or the NVOT Athletic Trainer.