Expectations of Students Participating in Co-Curricular Activities & Athletics

The Northern Valley Regional extra-curricular advisors/coaches have the following expectations for students who are candidates for extra-curricular, co-curricular and/or athletic activities. To help everyone better understand the time and effort required in order to participate in extra-curricular activities, the advisors/coaches have compiled a list of expectations they would like parents and students to be aware of before he or she makes a decision to participate in an extra-curricular, co-curricular, and/or athletic activities.

Students who participate in extra-curricular, co-curricular and/or athletic activities are expected to adhere to all school policies. In addition, students are expected to:

1. Maximize their academic performance by attending class every day, by being attentive in class, and by meeting all course requirements. Students who schedule extra help should meet their teachers before school, during a common period or after school. Students who arrive late to an activity (after 3:15PM) should present a late pass to their advisor/coach.

2. Conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on their school, their activity/club/sport, their family and themselves. Behavior unbecoming of a Northern Valley student will result in disciplinary/educational action that could include, but is not limited to, suspension or removal from the activity/club/sport or recommended counseling services. If the school receives information related to unbecoming behavior, a meeting will take place among the student, coach/advisor, and administrator to review the incident.

3. Violation of the Northern Valley Regional High School Substance Abuse Policy will follow BOE Policy R5131.6 which is a suspension from school, the activity/club/sport, practice, and competition. Additional consequences may include the loss of leadership positions, suspension, or dismissal from a team. Consequences will be determined after consultation with the advisor, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, and the principal.

4. Commit to their in-season school activity/club/sport. Students are not to regularly miss contests, practices, meetings, or other extra-curricular related activities due to conflicts with non-school or out-of-season activities. Missing a required activity/event will result in a loss of required participation credit or removal from the activity/club/sport. If a student cannot commit to this policy, he or she should not participate in the extra-curricular activity/club/sport.

5. Avoid scheduling activities that conflict with contests, practices, meetings, and other related activities during the scheduled extra-curricular activity/club/sport. Notify advisors/coaches as much in advance as possible of absences required for attendance at religious services or ceremonies. These will be considered excused absences.

6. Comply with additional extra-curricular activity/club/sport rules specified by each advisor/coach.

7. Comply with the HIB Policy. Students may not participate in acts of HIB when they see them, and they should constructively attempt to stop acts of HIB. They should report acts of HIB

to designated school staff such as teachers, counselors, or administrators.

8. Adhere to our Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

What to do if a student has a concern regarding their co-curricular activity or athletic team:

• First contact the advisor/coach of the activity/club/sport to discuss the issue.

• If there remains a concern, the parent may follow-up with the advisor/coach.

• Only after this is done should the Assistant Principal be contacted.

• Participation (e.g. leadership assignments, individual’s role in an activity/club/sport, or playing time) in activities should be discussed with the coach/advisor.

Committment Guidelines

Student participants are expected to understand that joining an

extra-curricular activity/club/sport at any level includes a commitment to the other members of that activity and the advisor/coach to be present for every practice, meeting and competition and to be prepared to give maximum effort at each practice, meeting, or competition. Any student who is not willing to commit at this level should not participate in an extra-curricular activity/club/ sport. (Now being acknowledged and implemented via InfoSnap)

I have read, understand, and will abide by the expectations of a participating student.

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Northern Valley school calendars are posted at www.nvnet.org. The athletic calendar is also available at schedules.schedulestar.com/northern-valley-old-tappan-nj. Families of student/athletes are expected to arrange vacation plans around their child’s athletic seasons. If a student/ athlete violates this rule, they will have to suffer reasonable consequences set by their coach and team for unexcused absences.