Open Campus Senior/Junior Privilege

Any senior or junior who meets the requirements, has turned in both parent and student permission slips and has obtained a senior/junior privilege validation sticker, is permitted to go to the indoor commons, library, or off campus during his/her free periods and lunches, provided he/she carries an NVOT Student ID Card with a current off-campus validation sticker. All students must leave and re-enter the building via the Main Entrance. Students must swipe in and out of the building using their ID cards. Students with privileges will also be required to use their ID cards to gain access to the main entrance doors. Therefore, students must carry ID cards with them at all times. Exiting or entering the building through any other door will be deemed as being off campus without authorization. First Offense will result in 12 points-10 detentions as well as the loss of privileges for 30 days. The second offense will result in the permanent loss of privileges. The senior/junior privilege will be permanently revoked if the student gets into trouble with the law off campus or if he/she causes a problem in school during unassigned time. All consequences will be the same for on campus offenses. An accumulation of 36 points or more will forfeit all privileges.

*Junior Privilege date to be determined by Administration.

Required for Eligibility

• not more than 10 unexcused lates

• not more than 10 unexcused absences

• may not have been suspended

• at least 58 minutes unassigned time

• no administrative obligations such as; fees, fines or detentions The order of events for enacting the senior/junior privilege is as follows:

1. Each senior/junior will be receiving two “permission” slips. One is for the parent/guardian to sign and the other is for the student to sign. Both slips will be returned to the high school and kept on record.

2. After these two forms are returned to the school, students will be issued a senior/junior privilege validation sticker. Seniors/juniors

will be required to carry their validated student I.D. cards with them if they wish to leave campus.

3. Seniors/juniors carrying these validated student I.D. cards are permitted to go to the indoor commons, library or off campus during their free periods and lunches. Students must abide by school rules.

4. If a student is caught breaking the law, his/her senior privilege will be permanently revoked without question and that student will not be given a second chance. If he/she is caught again off campus without the validated student I.D. card, he/she will be treated the same as underclassmen being caught off campus.