Emergency School Closing

In the event that school will be closed due to stormy weather, Radio Station WOR, NY, Radio Station WCBS, NY, and Cablevision Channel 12 will announce the closing on their morning programs. In addition, parents may dial (201) 784-1600 and a taped message will indicate a delayed opening of school or an early closing of school.

An automated message service and (constant contact) will be used to contact students and parents regarding school closings. We will also try to publish notice on the web (www.nvnet.org). In order to be absolutely sure, please confirm by consulting TV or radio as above. For delayed openings, students will arrive at 9:15. Classes start at 9:30. Morning bus schedules will follow normal routes running 60 - 90 minutes later (e.g. 6:30 AM pick up becomes an approximate 8 AM pick up).

If you have changed your telephone number since last year, please update the information via InfoSnap. This is important so that you can receive updated communication.

Parents with children in Teens ‘n Tots will be contacted by the automated message service.

In the event of an early school closing, all school activities are cancelled.

The school will not release any students early without a parent/guardian (as listed on the emergency home contact card).