Steroid Testing Policy of NJSIAA

The New Jersey Department of Education in conjunction with the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association has developed a program for random testing for steroids of teams and individuals qualifying for championship games.

Any student-athlete who possesses, distributes, ingests or otherwise uses any of the banned substances as identified by the NJSIAA on the back of the green Random Testing Consent Form, (NJSIAA 2008-2009), without a written prescription by a fully-licensed physician as recognized by the American Medical Association, to treat a medical condition, violates the NJSIAA’s Sportsmanship rule and is subject to NJSIAA penalties, including ineligibility from competition. The NJSIAA will test certain randomly selected individuals and teams that qualify for a state championship tournament or state championship competition for banned substances. The results of all tests shall be considered confidential and shall only be disclosed to the student, his or her parents, and his or her school. No student may participate in NJSIAA competition unless the student and the student’s parent/guardian consent to random testing.