Disciplinary Information

Disciplinary Point System

Students at the high school level are expected to develop a measure of self-discipline and control which reflects their increasing maturity and sense of responsibility, therefore, a point system is instituted for the control of student misbehavior. Any student who violates school regulations will be penalized with points, according to the scale below. A total of twelve points will result in a disciplinary action. It will form a basis for determining the type of recommendation to be made by the school authorities.

All rules and regulations will be in effect while a student is on CBE, on a bus, BOE sponsored trip, Prom or any athletic event at home or away. Violations of school regulations will be dealt with by the Assistant Principals. They may use, but are not limited to, the disciplinary phase system outlined below.

Sustaining Program to Discipline Students of the NVRHS District

Northern Valley’s discipline system is designed to fulfill the following purposes:

1. To provide a better educational environment - by fostering the health, safety, social and emotional well-being of students

2. To provide a strong accounting procedure of a student’s attendance and a better atmosphere and control of discipline cases

3. Support the establishment and maintenance of civil, safe, secure, supportive and disciplined school environments conducive to learning

4. To provide a more professional procedure to deter future discipline cases and prevent the occurrence of problem behavior

5. To promote achievement of high academic standards.

A discipline point code has been established which categorizes various disciplinary difficulties, and when a student is adjudged guilty of an infraction, points are awarded. At the accumulation of 12 points, a student is assigned the first phase of the sustaining program. Continued accumulation of points will lead to Phase 2, Phase 3, etc.