Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is issued to students who live more than 2.5 miles from school. This information is contained on the student’s ID card that must be shown to the driver. Buses leave at 2:45 PM. An activity bus is scheduled for 3:30 and 6:15PM. A special pass must be obtained from the club advisor/teacher, etc. who is detaining the student in order to gain admission to the 3:30 PM activity bus. Any student participating in an extra-curricular activity may use the 6:15 PM activity bus. Students may not obtain a bus pass without attending a valid school event or teacher meeting.

Regulations for Riding Bus

1. Bus driver is the sole authority on the bus.

2. Wait until the bus stops before getting on and off.

3. Enter or leave the bus with the consent of the driver.

4. Keep your head and arms inside the bus windows at all times.

5. Do not discard papers or other items in the bus or out the windows.

6. Smoking is not permitted on any school bus.

7. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the withdrawal of school bus privileges.

8. Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner. All school policies, student code of conduct and HIB policy will be in effect while the student is a passenger on the bus.