Disciplinary Point System / Administrative Guidelines

Any student, who practices good responsible school citizenship, has nothing to fear from the point system. Any student with 36 or more points will forfeit their privileges.

1. Failure to report to office when tardy to school (not signing in)

6 points

2. Student in halls, lavatory or unauthorized areas of the building without a pass

2-4 points

3. Inappropriate conduct

6-12 points

4. Use of profanity or obscene language, either spoken, written, computer generated, or on wearing apparel is not permitted. (N. J. State Law Title 18:3 37-2)

6-12 points

5. Insubordination to staff

6-12 points

6. Truancy – Absence without authorization conference with an Assistant Principal apply absence/cut policy / leaving school grounds, etc.

7. Cutting study hall, compensatory education, tutoring or teacher detention

3 points

8. Leaving the building or being in parking areas or any unauthorized areas without permission

12 points

9. Vandalism anywhere on school grounds or in the school building

12 points – suspension plus payment and parent contact

10. Fighting - Zero Tolerance Rule Policy complaint filed with local police plus 3 day out of school (minimum) suspension

11. Unsportsmanlike conduct and inappropriate behavior at any school activity

6-12 points

12. Forgery or alteration of school papers, records or school passes

6-12 points

13. Careless driving or violations of parking regulations

6-12 points and/or denial of driving privilege and from parking on campus.

14. Inappropriate conduct while on, boarding or leaving a school bus

6 points – suspension and parent conference

15. Theft anywhere on school property or on school sponsored trip/events

6 points – suspension and parent conference

16. Use of tobacco in the building or on school grounds

12 points and 10 days detention

- 2nd and subsequent offenses will result in an out of school suspension, a complaint being filed with the Old Tappan Police and shall result in a court appearance and fine

17. Possession of tobacco products including “e” cigarettes, “vapes”

12 points & 10 days detention

18. Violation of Network Computer Policy (BOE 3514.1) or AUP

6 points – suspension

19. Unauthorized video or audio recording

12 points – suspension

20. Creating or using a private internet connection to bypass our network

6-12 points

21. Unauthorized possession of a device

12 points – suspension

22. Theft of Laptop or False Claim of Theft

1-3 day suspension and mandatory report to police

23. Cutting class

6 points & a zero in the class missed

24. Endangering or causing injury to a student or faculty member (assault, whether accident or intentional)

3-10 days suspension

25. Failure to show privilege card

12 points

26. Use of cell phone/electronic device

    • 1st offense - warning
    • 2nd offense - 6 points (parent must pick up device)
    • 3rd offense - 6 points & 10 detentions
    • 4th offense - In school suspension for administrative insubordination

27. Security Breach/Endangering Welfare of Others - Opening doors to allow unauthorized entry

12 points - suspension

28. Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)

Consequences as per BOE Policy 5131

The administration reserves the right to assign additional penalties depending on the severity of the infraction. The administration also reserves the right to suspend, limit or revoke computer privileges depending on the infraction. If a student is charged by law enforcement with a crime in or out of school, the administration reserves the right to review the charge in light of safety and security concerns, and participation in co-curricular and extra curricular activities, including athletics, may be impacted or restricted as participation in these activities is a privilege. At the end of each marking period, any student who has not completed their detentions will be considered a student not in good standing. Any student with privileges may forfeit their privileges until the obligations are fulfilled.

All points accumulated in June WILL BE carried over into the following year.