Disciplinary Phase System

Phase #1 (at 12 points)

(a) ten successive days detention at 7:15-7:35 AM or 3:00-3:30 PM

(b) student and parent contacted by an Assistant Principal

(c) the administration reserves the right to remove all privileges until the 10 days of detention are completed

Phase #2 (at 24 points or suspension)

(a) 1-3 day in school suspension

(b) student and parent conference with an Assistant Principal to discuss the types of support services which can be offered to correct what is now classified as severe disciplinary behavior

Phase #3 (at 36 points or suspension)

student will be placed in out of school suspension for the specified number of days. (Any student with privileges will be deemed a student not in good standing and have their privileges revoked.)

Depending on the severity of the infraction, students who are guilty of continued and willful disobedience of the school rules, regulations and policies shall be liable to extended suspension from school. Certain actions require immediate suspension.