Tobacco Use

Use of tobacco is prohibited by school policy 5131.6 and NJ State Law. There is to be NO USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS in any part of the school building or on the school grounds by any student or adult. This includes “e” cigarettes or “vapes”. Student use of tobacco is prohibited on any bus at any time. The Borough of Old Tappan has a no smoking ordinance that prohibits smoking within 1000 feet of a school building. Appropriate fines will be accessed.

Use of Tobacco Consequences:

Students found to be in violation of the district’s use of tobacco policies will be subject to the following:

First Offense – twelve discipline points and 10 detentions.

Second Offense – a one day in-school suspension and a complaint will be signed requiring an appearance before the judge in municipal court and a mandatory parent conference. Student referred to Student Assistance Counselor (SAC).

3rd & Subsequent Offenses - One day out-of-school suspension and a complaint filed with the police. Mandatory parent conference. Student will lose off campus privilege. Student will be referred to the Student Assistance Counselor (SAC).

Student offenses are cumulative throughout their school career.