Dress Guidelines

The school believes that manner of dress should reflect the context of the educational environment and that students should dress with that context in mind. We realize the importance and viability of dress as a form of self-expression and personal identity; however, we also recognize that certain aspects of style and dress can be a distraction to the educational goals and expectations in a school setting. We believe that student dress should be informal and comfortable, but appropriate within the context of an education institution. We offer this statement in the spirit of making The Northern Valley Regional High School District a viable institution that respects both its educational goals and the personal integrity of the individuals it serves.

Student dress guidelines are established and enforced cooperatively by the students, faculty, and administration of this high school. Our practices must conform to the policies of the District Board of Education, the State Board of Education, the rulings of the State Commissioner of Education, and the public laws of the State of New Jersey as adopted by the Legislature and interpreted by the Courts.

We believe the individual student should conform to acceptable standards of dress during the hours of regular school attendance. We believe the individual should have the right to choose his/her own dress except for the following:

1. anti-religious, anti-racial, obscene dress or clothing promoting the use of illegal substances

2. dress harmful to the individual’s safety or health, or to the communal safety or health

3. costumes, recreational uniforms, or ludicrous dress, unless prescribed for special occasions

4. dress which is disruptive to the educational program

In interpretation of the above restrictions, the following guidelines in clothing will be enforced:

1. foot apparel must be worn at all times and at all events

2. dresses, skirts or shorts should cover the mid-thigh

3. the midriff area may not be exposed

4. undergarments may not be visible

5. tank tops, low cut tops, tube tops and revealing halter-tops may not be worn.

6. shoulders must be covered