Cutting Class

A "cut" is defined as an absence based upon a deliberate decision by a student, or group of students, not to attend class without prior administrative approval. if a student does not sign out properly (via nurse or main office) and misses a class, it will be processed as a cut. A student who has privileges and does not return to school from a free period or lunch will be considered truant and cutting the particular class.

A student who cuts a class three times will be dropped from that course. The student will receive a "T" which will be included in his/her class rank. The student may take the course for new credit in an approved summer school or via online at student's expense.

Students taking a semester or 1/4 year course (Health) will be dropped on the second cut.

Cutting Consequences:

First Cut: The first cut from a class results in 6 points, zero for the lesson and a call to the parent by the teacher. A meeting will be scheduled with the teacher, subject supervisor and student. This meeting is to be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the subject supervisor, teacher and student immediately after the offense. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss reasons why the cut took place and to review alternatives. The teacher will contact the parents, informing them of the student’s class cut. (The guidance counselor will be notified of the class cut.)

Second Cut (Accumulation of Points): The second cut from any class results in 10 days of detention and a zero for the lesson. A conference will be held with an Assistant Principal, parent, and student. Parents will be informed that thestudent will be dropped from the course on the next class cut.

Third Cut (Administrative Insubordination): Upon the third cut, the student will receive 10 detentions and be dropped from the course. The student will receive a "T" and be assigned to a designated area in the media center for the remainder of the school year. It is the student's responsibility to sign in with a staff member during this period. Failure to do so will result in an additional cut. The student may take the course for new credit in an approved summer school or online at the student's expense. Upon appeal, the principal will review the case.

**Students missing class because they are late to school will be considered as cutting that class unless the attendance office is notified by telephone prior to 7:55AM or presented with a note from a parent/guardian when signing into school.