Point of Sale (Lunch Program)

Both Northern Valley Regional High Schools have implemented a computerized point of sale system (POS) in the school cafeterias. Students/parents may participate in this program by depositing cash or checks into an account developed for each student by our food service provider. This account can be used by students to purchase food or beverages from the cafeteria. Students have 2 options to pre-order food requests. See below under "How to Activate the Account".

How it works:

Students have been issued a student ID card with magnetic strip that identifies the student by name and photo. The cashier inputs the items to be purchased at the register. After the student accepts the purchase the amount is debited from the account. Should a student forget their ID card they can input a PIN or give the cashier their name. The student photo will appear, identifying the student before the transaction is completed.

How to activate the account:

Students may bring cash or a check to the cafeteria from 7:15 until 12:30 and ask that the money be put into their account. All checks should be made payable to: Northern Valley Regional High School Cafeteria Account. Please put the student ID number on the memo line. Money deposited before second slot will be available that day. Students may deposit money when they purchase food during lunch as well.

NEW FEATURE: You can now fund your cafeteria account online with either a credit card or electronic check. Visit www.payforit.net for more information and to execute these transactions. NOTE-You or a parent/guardian will need your student ID number to deposit money on the account.

Pre-ordering food requests:

Students may pre-order food requests by using their Gmail email account and emailing ot-cafe@nvnet.org. In addition, students can set up an account to order online. This method will give more variety and choices to the students.

Instructions to set up an account:

1. Go to www.orderyourdeli.com/oldtappan. This is the District site.

2. Click on Register

3. Once the account is set up for your child, they can order online by logging in at www.oths.nvnet.org/foodservices and clicking "Click Here to Order" on the same page.

This will allow your child to order their lunch and create the meal they want. The meal will be waiting for your child at the designated pick up location.

Should you have any questions about the POS program you may contact our food service office at 201-768-3200, extension 24240.