Lost/Broken/Damaged Devices

If a student has lost their laptop or if a device was taken without permission, they must report it immediately to Tech Services in the second Floor E Wing (Near Elevator). The Tech Help Center is open from 7 am until 4 pm. Students should also report it to the Main Office and a report will be logged. The student will be required to report it to the police within 48 hours and provide a copy of the report to the main office.

Students may bring their malfunctioning or damaged device to Tech Services for assistance. BYOD students may find out if the problem is hardware or software related. Tech Services will not repair BYOD hardware and students will have to repair them with an outside vendor. Students must go to Tech Services for general technology assistance.

In the event that a school issued device is not working, Tech Services will try to repair the device. In the interim, they may swap and give the student a device on loan until the repairs are completed. Students are expected to treat the loaner with the same care as they would with their original device. All rules apply to the loaner as they would to the original device.