Physical Education

Appropriate Dress for Physical Education:

1. Socks

2. Athletic sneakers (no platform or slip-on style sneakers)

3. *Athletic shorts

4. *T-shirts with school logo or athletic logo only

5. *Sweat shirts & pants with school logo or athletic logo

6. No athletic issued equipment without the approval


7. No offensive clothing

8. No revealing clothing

(no tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti strap tops)

9. No jewelry

10. No gum

11. *No clothing that was cut off

12. *No clothing with holes, buckles, snaps, zippers, belts

*All students must change – clothes that are worn to school are not permitted.

Reminder: Lock ALL property in your gym lockers. Each student is assigned a locker; sharing a locker is not permitted. The school will not be responsible for personal belongings and/ or property if a student does not properly use a lock on their assigned locker. Personal belongings and laptops not secured in a locked locker will not be covered by insurance.

Physical Education Excuses

1. Students must report to the school nurse with an excuse from either a parent or physician prior to physical education class.

2. The school nurse will write a note for the physical education teacher indicating the nature and length of the excuse. The student will be expected to change

and observe the class. If the note indicates “not to change”, then the student will observe in street clothing.

3. If the excuse is for an extended period of time, the student will be required to write written reports for physical education credit and will be assigned to a

study hall by the guidance department. Students may not leave the building during this time even if they have privileges. Students will NOT be excused from physical education class unless they present a medical or parental note.