Limit of Absences

A student will be limited to 14 absences per year. Absences in semester courses are limited to 7, in Physical Education to 11 and in Health and Driver Education to 4. If a student misses 15 or more minutes from any class, he/she will be considered absent. If more than the maximum number of absences is accumulated, credit for that course will not be given and a ‘T’ will be entered on the student’s record, which indicates an administrative withdrawal. The student will be assigned to a designated area in place of the withdrawn class. If a student is absent from a class that meets twice in one day, they will receive 2 absences from that class.

This policy applies to students who absent themselves from class for any combination of the following reasons:

  1. Illness (not requiring home instruction)
  2. Medical/dental appointments
  3. Voluntary signing out during the day
  4. Family vacations
  5. Cutting/Truancy
  6. Special programs (guidance meetings, military, non-school sporting events, counselor training for summer camps, etc.)

When a student accumulates 4 or more unexcused absences to school, an action plan will be developed to assist in maintaining regular attendance. The guidance counselor will review the academic record if further recommendations are necessary.

When a student has accumulated between 5 and 9 absences (4 for semester courses) a letter will be sent informing the parent or guardian. The action plan will be developed to address the unexcused absences, with interventions. Upon accumulation of the 10th absence, another letter will be sent to the home informing the parent or guardian that a mandatory attendance hearing must be held. Students who exceed 10 unexcused absences will be considered truant and not in good standing.