Students Not In Good Standing

The administration may enforce any/all of the following consequences for students found not to be in good standing.

1. Termination of off-campus privileges for free/unassigned periods.

2. Termination of parking privileges. (At 24 Points or any suspension)

3. Assignment to a designated area in the media center during unassigned time or during lunch time.

4. Denial of attending (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior class trips. (At 24 Points, any suspension or 11 lates or absences)

5. Ineligible for the Junior or Senior Prom. (At 30 or more lates 22 or 24 absences)

6. Ineligible for Senior Learning Experience

7. Ineligible for graduation exercises. (At 34 or more lates or 30 absences)

8. Denial of running for office. If a student is an officer or is in a leadership position, they may be asked to step down from that position.

The administration reserves the right to utilize the above-mentioned consequences for violation of the school code of conduct whether in person or online.