When a student is not present for an exam, a call to the home is made to determine the reason why the student is not present. The student may take the exam if arrival is made at a reasonable time on that day.

If a student were to be absent on the day of an examination, a doctor’s note must be submitted upon returning to school. If a medical excuse is not submitted, the student will receive an “F” for the exam.

Mid-Term Exams:

All Northern Valley students are required to take mid-term examinations. On the first two days of mid-terms, students will attend school only for their exams. Buses will arrive at school by 9:15 and depart by 1:40. There will be no exemptions for mid- term examinations. For planning and convenience purposes, a copy of our school calendar is located on http://www.nvnet.org/studentcalendars/

Final Exams:

A student who has failed a semester or a full year course does not have to take the final examination. Students may be exempt from final examinations if they have received grades of “A-, A, A+” for each marking period and an “A-, A, A+” for the mid-term examinations.