General Information and Guidelines

General Information

The NVRHS school district’s athletic department and coaches abide by the current NJSIAA Heat Acclimatization Guidelines.

Athletic Season Dates

Opening dates for the athletic seasons are as follows:

Fall season – Monday, August 14, 2017*

Winter season – Monday, November 27, 2017**

Spring season – Friday, March 2, 2018

* Except for Football (8/9/17)

** Except for Ice Hockey (11/9/17) Swimming (11/9/17) and Bowling (11/15/17). Basketball and Wrestling tryouts (11/20/17 - 11/22/17).

Practices are held every day after school and begin at 3:15 PM and last until approximately 6:00 PM. There are occasional practices that end later than 6:00 PM. Since our school day ends at 2:36, student-athletes have until 3:15 to receive extra help. Saturday is a practice and game day. Games during the week begin at 4:15 PM or later. Game times on Saturdays can vary. There are occasional Sunday practices and/or tournament games.

Game schedules are published prior to the start of the season. Because schedules are subject to change, consult your child about exact time and date of athletic contests. The current athletic schedules can be viewed at and click on the schedules link.

Travel to distant sites, county or state games, may require some teams to be dismissed from school before the end of the school day. Students are responsible for work missed or assigned when they miss class.

Student athletes must keep in mind that their first priority is their academic work. Many studies show that athletes will maintain a high level of performance in the classroom and on the field if they budget their time carefully.

Experience indicates that athletes should be discouraged from working or playing other sports during the season in which they are participating in a school sport.