The Washington State Community and Technical College eLearning Council;
Also known as the ELC.

Are you from the Instruction Commission?  Here are the ELC reports for IC.

Want an easy way to remember the URL for this site? Try:
http://tinyurl.com/elearningcouncil OR http://tinyurl.com/waelc

The eLearning Council (ELC) is comprised of eLearning Directors from the Washington Community and Technical Colleges.

The purpose of the ELC shall be to perform tasks and coordinate efforts relating to eLearning as assigned by the Instruction Commission and to communicate eLearning instructional concerns and issues to the Instruction Commission.

The objectives of the ELC shall be to:
  • provide leadership and professional development in promoting, support and delivery of eLearning activities within each community or technical college district, the state and the nation;
  • share with the Instruction Commission and other college system or state agencies information on issues which directly affect eLearning;
  • develop an effective communication network for sharing and disseminating information relating to eLearning;
  • foster access to higher education for the citizens of the state by promoting eLearning certification and degree programs, eLearning assistance centers, on demand educational services available from non-campus environments, student centered curriculum development, and linkages between learning centers and non-educational community sectors;
  • promote the effective use of eLearning technology and provide information and training for administrators, faculty and students;
  • support assessment of outcomes for alternative teaching processes and systems that measure effectiveness and efficiency;
  • plan for the effective use of funding for eLearning course licensing and production;
  • work closely with community college system, state higher education entities and other agencies; and
  • support cooperative efforts of eLearning course distribution.