Low Gear Song

Low Gear Song 

by Diane with Trail Hacker and Shroomer

Here comes Low Gear with his big boots on
He took his pack off and I put it on

Here comes Low Gear with his 3 course meal
He eats it all with a lot of zeal

Here comes Low Gear with his camera out
He takes the best pictures without a doubt

Takes pictures of his dinner and pictures of the view
Pictures of me and pictures of you

Here comes Low Gear within satellite range
Posting notes to his Facebook page

Tap tap tap on his little device
To ease the fears of his Japanese wife

Here comes Low Gear with his natto and rice
He eats healthy to please his wife

Here comes Low Gear with his gaiters to his knees
Dreams of junk food with American cheese

Here comes Low Gear with all his gear
Cooking gourmet style there and here

Gotta take a picture, gotta post a shot
Japanese cuisine served up hot

Here comes Low Gear professor of Psych
"Too fast Americans I dislike"

Here comes Low Gear powerin' round the bend
Rocks and dust a-flyin', there's a buffet at the end


Dictionary of slang terms:

Psych - short for Psychology.

Powerin' - when there is a hyphen like that in place of the letter g, it's an effort to sound like you are from the country. The proper word is "powering" and it means you are moving quickly.

a-flyin' - when there's an a- in front of a word, that sounds even more like a country singer. "a-flyin'" is equivalent to "flying" and in this case it means you are moving so quickly you are kicking up a cloud of dust and rocks.


The original song is called Dance All Night with a Bottle in my Hand. These are the original song's lyrics in case you are interested.