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Guide Update - IOS236

posted Sep 6, 2010, 6:40 AM by tj cool
With the release of the New IOS236 Installer, the process of installing a Trucha Patched IOS236 was made way easier.
After a little testing, I replaced the Old method with the new IOS236 Installer one.

What has changed exactly?
  • No longer uses DOP-Mii.
  • IOS236 Installer uses HW_AHBPROT, so no longer needed to downgrade/restore IOS15. (Also less IOSs to download for Offline steps)
  • Now installs the Patched IOS36 in slot 236. This allows you to keep your normal IOS36 clean. Note that you will need to use IOS236 now!
  • IOS236 has version checks removed, so you no longer need to remove the Stub IOSs.
  • This method should work on ANY Wii as long as you have the latest HBC installed.
The old method will still be available under this link.